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Visa Facilitation

  • Taif International Manpower assist far east & middle east, works visas major countries are UAE, Malaysia, Sri lanka, Singapore,Russia, China, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesiaetc.

    Guiding applicants through the visa application process by providing relevant information, timely dispatch and collection of applications to & from the concerned Embassies/High Commissions, keeping applicants aware of the status of their applications and delivery of processed applications is the hall mark of Taif International.

    Taif International Manpower is providing valuable services to its customers by facilitating the entire visa process. Visa Drop Box facilities for visa applicants are provided all over Pakistan in non-immigrant (work, visit, study and medical) categories for Canada, India, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Malta, Malaysia, Egypt and Tunisia.

    Taif International Manpower has contracted rates with most hotels of Pakistan & all over the world. We chose hotels on the basis of quality of service and cleanliness. Our selection and our rates offer the best value for your money.

News & Events

  • Taif International just got oversease manpower recruitment License under the Registration Number #3775/LHR.

  • Job in Dubai: limited Visa offers, Get in touch with us as soon as possible to pick yourself.

  • Work Visa: There are many jobs and working visa avaible, to start your career in Dubai or Saudi Arabia contact with Us.

  • Taif International has executed its more branches in Islamabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi.